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Power Rangers Remastered

I remember when the old Transformers cartoon were reaired under the name "Generation 2" and had a floating CG cube that handled scene changes by opening to the next scene. I found that damn cube annoying since the sound it makes while changing scenes covered any dialogue being said by the characters. Also, the cube wasn't really necessary and was just there to make the episodes look new. It was like "Hey, let's make this old stuff look nice by throwing in something shiny," and then adding something that wasn't needed to being with.

This is my reaction to the "new" version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Since we're getting no more new seasons of PR, ABC Kids is airing MMPR reruns, but with additions like a new logo and effects that fit in with Pop-up Video and give the show a comic book feel (anyone for campy Batman-style fighting words?). Didn't work for me. Sure, some of the added effects worked--the opening was all right, the miniaturized Japanese shuttle that became a time warp device did need something to make it stand out, and the captioning of the Zords worked the first time--but all I wanted was my campy PR goodness. I don't need shiny things as I pondered why Goldar would run away from the Megazord when it got its Power Sword when Goldar was the one who was winning the fight. I expected digital touchup only, and I didn't see the point of adding effects other than appealing to a new generation. It could've been done without changing the logo. At least they kept the original music.

On a somber note, it was nice seeing Trini and Ernie on screen.
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