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Right, we'll try again next season

Tried out the new deck. Managed to win a duel. Further upgrades and testing are needed. Bought a couple of cards and scavenged a few more. Returned home during halftime. Disappointed at the loss. After being ticked off, I realized the following:

1. I cannot control how a football game goes. Mistakes were made, and there had to be a winner and a loser. Such is the nature of competition.
2. I cannot bear grudges against athletes who do their best at their job to win.
3. My team had a good run, and I should be proud of them.
4. I no longer have to stress about the progress of my team.
5. I can watch the Super Bowl--if I choose to--without giving a frak about who'll win.
6. Although the Broncos may have my vote after what Sherman said. Seriously, was he hopped up on testosterone when he was interviewed? Dude, you won. We get it. I hope his remarks don't result in bad karma for the Seahawks.
7. Where the frak did I get this hatred of losing?

Oh well, back to things I can control.
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