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Oh look, more skywater

More work along with overtime today, although this time I felt I made some progress, especially after checking with my lead worker. Unit meeting ended with Secret Santa. I hope the gift of three Disney Tsum Tsums pleased my recipient. I got a $10 Target gift card and a sleigh made up of wrapped chocolates and candy canes. The Santa was also a wrapped chocolate. Cool. Potluck was nice. Loved the dirty rice and mac and cheese. Chinese chicken salad was also nummy. Mom and my youngest brother put up the Christmas lights while I was out. Next is the tree. Yay.

Gah, got distracted. Need to wrap up these orders for delivery on Thursday. I always somehow complete these orders. Didn't expect a lot of them, though. Oh, double order times...

Yay for new LEGO sets to use as building elements. All three orders arrived today. Talk about excellent timing.

Ooooo, skywater...
Tags: lego, real life
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